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Yes, I do have a weekly, national radio show

I am the proud host of the Now & Then Show on Kiss FM Portugal every Saturday afternoon from 1pm. The station is an English speaking station that transmits across Lisbon & The Algarve in Portugal and is very popular there.

The idea of my show is, I countdown this week’s Top 20 and mix it up with the Top 20 of the same week we are currently in, but of a year from the past. Add to that news and odds & ends that was happening back then and you have yourself 2 hours of Saturday afternoon entertainment.

You can listen in Portugal on your radio on 95FM across the nations capital, Lisbon or if in the Algarve on 95.8 & 101.2FM. We also stream the station live across the internet so you can listen anywhere on the planet via this link KissFM

Keep it Kiss!


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